The Dog Days of October

I am still in the process of getting this site up and running but I wanted to put an update on here that I have several projects upcoming over the next month or so, and things are getting excited. I am also preparing to shoot another music video for my band, so that’ll be fun as well. I will post updates as I can. In the mean time, here’s a modern trailer that I edited last year for one of my favorite old school horror movies, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974).


The New Site

It’s been awhile since killDevil Films was on the net officially, so here we are finally. In addition to posting updates about projects I am working on, I will post from time to time on topics of interest. As always, if you have a project that you need some video production on (whether its filming or editing or all of the above) feel free to shoot me a message to

Stay Scared