Here is a sample of videos that I have worked on, with appropriate credits attached for each one. I will keep updating this page as newer projects come forward. If you would like a more encompassing sample of material, you can also visit my Youtube pages here: &


The Dungeons Haunted Attractions – THE HOARD

This commercial is currently running on various Comcast channels through the month of October 2013 in the Jacksonville FL area. I filmed and edited the spot. Adrian Chappell on makeup FX and story.



Jaws (1975) – A Modern Interpretation

I am a huge horror movie fan, and from time to time, I will take a classic movie and re-imagine it as if it were being marketed to a modern audience. I find the twist of combining modern cinema trailer styles to classic films to be rather amusing. You can find more of these I’ve done on my Youtube page, but here’s my most recent one.



Marion Crane – Adrenaline

My fifth music video for Marion Crane. I filmed and edited this. Additional camerawork by Lee David. Thanks to The Phoenix Taproom in Jacksonville for being so cool to us.



The Hoard 2013

This commercial was featured on the big screen at the Jacksonville Sharks game (arena football) in June of 2013. Adrian Chappell wrote and directed, while I ran camera and edited.



Marion Crane – The New Religion

I shot this video in downtown Jacksonville with a hoard of zombie volunteers in 2012. The amount of people who came out to be in our video was great and I want to say thanks to them. Also thanks to Adrian Chappell for some awesome makeup FX on this one. I rolled camera, directed, edited, and wrote this. Additional camerawork by Lee David.



Marion Crane – M.M.M.

Shot and edited this video back in 2011. We found this abandoned hotel in the middle of nowhere (Starke, FL) on the side of the highway. One of the creepiest places I’ve been to. Had a great time shooting this. Thanks to Feanix for letting us harrass her all afternoon. I shot this, directed, and edited. Additional camerawork by Henry McMillan.


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